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Haecksen BringYourOwnBear Happy Hour

  • Tag 2 um 22 - 24 Uhr eine BringYourOwnBear Happy Hour
  • Keine geschlossene Gesellschaft!
  • happy "happy" Hour
  • Agnes rechnet mit 20 - 100 Besucher*innen.

SOS: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Session:Haecksen:_BringYourOwnBear_Happy_Hour

D_Town, Christopher: Aufbau eines HackLabs auf VM und oder Hardware basis für jedes Budget!

  • D_Town und Christopher
  • English
  • 20 + 10
  • Thema: Aufbau eines HackLabs auf VM und oder Hardware basis für jedes Budget!
  • Vortragende sind
    • Whitehat mit Schwerpunkt Pentesting und Defensiv Security
    • Cyber Security Threat and Awareness Coordination
  • (Nicht an Tag 2 13-16, Nicht an Tag 3 10-17)

SOS: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Session:D_Town,_Christopher:_Eigenes_HackLab_bauen!

nanooq: G20 ung GG §20


SOS: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Session:Nanooq:_G20_und_GG%C2%A720

Inj4n: Habitual Automation - Because we have to script

kopiert von http://www.ccchb.de/wiki/34c3_Assembly_Habitual_Automation

An assembly at the 34c4 for all those hackers who cannot skip on an opportunity to write yet another script for any petty one-shot task or who cannot pass by the opportunity to install this particular toolchain (only they will be able to use) to provide this incredibly necessary arcane feature.

The assembly will try to collect your tool-stories, the mysterious setup of your most mundane tasks or the most elaborate (yet unfinished) projects to code where others have been using pen and paper for ages. In workshops we will tell our own stories and help you to become as addicted to the command line as we are. Most important, we will be there for all our fellow addicts of tool-chain-optimisation to have yet another endless discussion on the advantages of shell X, editor Y, or the usefulness of using graph databases for shopping lists.

We are obviously at the heart of hackerdom: pro Unix-Philosophy of small tools (manager-speaking: the implementation of Fordism to source code), pro creationism (to steal this term from the religious nutheads), and very pro command-line (there is nothing more hilarious of some clickiod repeatedly trying to have the same double-click have different results because the GUI is not sharing the same semantics and is not providing sensible error messages.)

SOS: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Session:Inj4n:_Habitual_Automation_-_Because_we_have_to_script

Chaos macht Schule

SOS: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Session:Test

limlug: In der Weihnachtsbäckerei - Data Science und Kekse

  • Quelle von Datensätzen, Logistik von Big Data,
  • Bildung effizienter Features,
  • Principal Component Analysis und andere statistische Methoden,
  • Clustering, Neuronale Netzwerke vs. Deep Learning,
  • Wie interpretiere ich Daten,
  • Präsentation von Ergebnissen

SOS: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Session:Limlug:_In_der_Weihnachtsb%C3%A4ckerei_-_Data_Science_und_Kekse

Next Generation Internet